Blackiston Brothers 
twin spinning keys

Sandy and Sky Blackiston

82 Church Street
Suite 333
Burlington, VT 05401


Sandy and Sky Blackiston, twin brothers from Livingston, New York, perform their own duet renditions of popular tunes from the '30s, '40s, '50s, and '60s eras and rockabilly, swing, blues, jazz genres, spicing them up with their own boogie-woogie strides and melodic riffs.

They play with four hands on one piano, two pianos or two keyboards with bass and drum accompaniment, depending on the nature of the space and audience.  They have been performing duets at various venues over the last 10 years such as private parties, retirement homes, ski resorts, restaurants, cafes, festivals, farmers' markets, and school assemblies.

Before performing duets, the brothers lived and worked in New York City where Sky taught piano lessons to beginners of all ages while Sandy worked as a graphic designer.

Longing to share their love for playing boogie-woogie, rockabilly, swing piano music with others of all ages, they recently opened a piano and keyboard school in Burlington, Vermont, designed for beginners with a focus on the aforementioned genres.  Their lessons will include walking bass lines, shuffles, chords, riffs, scales, and the popular tunes they also perform, using their easy, step by step, watch, listen and play method.

Please scroll on down to view sample videos of their music: